About Us
    Hi there and welcome to our website,Savagemoor Farm is owned by me,Doug Savage and my wife 
    Caroline Moor.We raise AMHR, ASPC and AMHA Registered Miniature horses as well as a variety of 
    Our farm is home to twenty Miniature horses and we usually raise 5-10 foals each year to sell.

     In 2003,we started a 4-H Miniature Horse Club consiting of over twenty members.The 4-H members
     use our horses in parades,demonstations and showing.We teach the kids all the basics on horse 
     care and everyone gets a chance to learn how to hitch and drive the Minis(single and double)The
     4-H members also use our Minis for jumping,obstacles,games and showmanship classes.2010
     started MHCO Youth Plus Club.

     This same year we became members of the Miniature Horse Club of Ontario(MHCO)and particapate
     in its many annual events and activities.We started showing Miniature Horses in 2004 and have a lot
     of fun showing at MHCO club shows as well as a variety of annual Fall Fairs and other Miniature horse
     shows.I became President of the MHCO in the fall of 2006 and plan to lead the club strongly into its
     bright future.

     We've observed how the Miniature horse has grown in popularity a lot in the last five years.In Ontario
     alone there are well over twenty shows each year plus clinics and other Miniature horse related 
     activities.The MHCO has 10-15 functions per year including socials,clinics,shows and driving events.
     It as a great little club and has so much to offer its members.If you have,or plan to have,Minis please
     check out our website and also the MHCO--- website----

     Thanks and hope you enjoy our site  
     Doug and Caroline
      SAVAGEMOOR  FARM---TOTTENHAM, ONTARIO    905-936-6873  

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HomeAbout UsMaresGallery4hStallion
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Santa Loves          His Minis        2006
   The Team At Savagemoor Farm - Doug & Caroline
        Click on Picture for enlarged Photo
Wa-Full Unique Warrior, AMHR-ASPC Stallion,
                    36", born May, 2011
About Us
   Savagemoor Momas Pride N Joy, AMHR-ASPC
Savagemoor Dougies Dream Girl AMHR - ASPC
Savagemoor Shes A Little Flirt AMHR

   Warrior, ASPC-AMHR  He sure is producing Show Quality Foals
Savagemoor Proud Canadian
Savagemoor had Santa visit farm Christmas 2019
Addie and Wee Man